Rose Lot Clearing provides an environmentally-responsible alternative to brush removal. Our process is called land mastication. In this process, brush and vegetation is ground and crushed to provide a fine mulch full of nutrients for topsoil.

We use two ASV Brush Grinders to clear the brush quickly and efficiently. These machines use mulching heads to grind brush and trees, while their small size makes them nimble enough to clear almost any land.

We can mulch between 1/2 to 2 acres in a day depending on the size of the trees and steepness of the land. Part of being environmentally responsible includes taking the the time to flag trees and areas that the client wishes to keep intact. We will work around these areas, leaving them unharmed.

Our goal through this process is to showcase the beauty of your land while supplying it with nutrients found in the mulch generated from the trees and brush. The mulch has other benefits including erosion control and serving as a hinderance for new brush to grow. The mulch will decompose into topsoil ready for landscaping. When we are finished, you will hardly recognize the landscape that was once hidden by brush and unwanted vegetation.

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